Life Score Goal Calculator™

Yearly Desired Gross Income:
Please enter the amount of "before tax" annual income you will NEED to cover all your living expenses including savings for college, debt and mortgage payments, insurance, medical and credit card bills. The average annual income need we typically see among retired professional athletes is $300,000 "before taxes" leaving approximately $180,000 in "take home" income.
Number of Years You Will Be Retired:
Please enter the number of years you want to be retired (e.g. If you play until you are 35 and assume you will live until you 85, you would enter 50.)
Annual Portfolio Returns [%]:
We have assumed that you will receive a 4% return on the money you have saved for retirement. Please feel free to enter a different value for your investment return rate.
Expected Inflation Rate [%]:
We have assumed an adjustment annual inflation rate of 2% on your money. Please feel free to enter a different value for the expected yearly inflation.

The SportsMoney LifeScore Goal™ represents the total amount of money you will need to have in savings in order to ensure you and your family’s financial well-being when you retire from your playing career.