What We Do

SportsMoney de-mystifies complicated financial plans. We help athletes and their family stay on track with their savings and investment goals. This ensures dependable income and wealth protection.

Our Services Include:


Is it possible you are spending too much money? Over 60% of Professional Athletes do! How would you know?

SportsMoney helps you create and maintain detailed family budgets with minimal effort. You can see all your spending in one place and SportsMoney will make sure you understand where you are each month throughout the year.

Cash Flow

Do you know how much cash you need every month to run your life? SportsMoney does! We provide you with simple straightforward cash flow management that keeps everyone relaxed and informed, no surprises! We keep your money working for you until you need it.

Saving and Investments

Are you saving and investing enough to secure dependable monthly income once you retire from your playing career?

SportsMoney guides you in setting up secure reliable savings and investment strategies that will result in guaranteed income for your post athletic career. You and your family will know where you stand in a simple easy to access and easy to understand dashboard. You can log in from your computer, tablet or smartphone anywhere anytime!

Wills and Estates

Do you have an up-to-date valid Will? Is your estate in order and organized?

If you do, we will review to be sure they are valid in your current domicile.

If you don’t, SportsMoney will help you create an up-to-date estate plan and Will. We will work with your current legal council or provide experienced legal assistance at an affordable price.

We will help you understand all elements of this process and make sure you are comfortable and ready with all decisions necessary to make the entire process painless.


Do you file taxes in multiple states?

If you are a professional athlete the answer is yes.

Are you taking advantage of the tax strategies available? SportsMoney evaluates your situation and personal needs and puts together the best tax plans available. We will work with your existing tax resources or we can bring experts to the table if you prefer a new team.

Housing and Real Estate

Did you pay too much for your house? Do you need to evaluate your housing needs? What about your family members?

SportsMoney will evaluate recommend and help you execute in all areas of Leasing, Purchasing, Building, Selling, and Refinancing. We can even help you maintain your home.


Do you have enough insurance … maybe?

SportsMoney will do an expert assessment and help you get the converges you need whether its home, rental, collections, health, life, umbrella, auto, motorcycle, boat, etc.

Business Opportunities

Have you been approached by a friend or colleague with a great business idea or investment opportunity? Did you know that 9 out of 10 new business ventures fail in the first five years?

SportsMoney will use our expert knowledge to determine the viability of any deal proposed. We will act as your gatekeeper and use our specialized business plan questionnaire comprised on over 400 factors to determine if any deal proposed makes sense with your investment strategy.


Have you ever had issues while traveling? Flight delay, car service that didn’t show up, a hotel that needed to be changed?

SportsMoney handles all your travel door-to-door. We maximize value and minimize any inconveniences while you are traveling. 24x7x365!


Do you know the best deal when buying a car? Maybe it’s not buying it!

SportsMoney makes managing your vehicles simple and easy. You tell us what you need and we will figure it out and make it happen. We even handle licensing, registration and maintenance.

Charitable Giving

Should you set up a foundation? Is your gifting plan right for you? Are you taking full advantage of your giving?

SportsMoney can help you evaluate a plan and aid you in building a proud legacy.

Post Playing Career

Did you finish your degree? Do you need specialized training for the career you would like to pursue when you retire as an athlete?

SportsMoney works with you to ensure your goals and your dreams are achieved. We will even provide you with some ideas for post playing careers you may have never thought of for yourself!

Our comprehensive financial modeling combined with detailed monitoring and reporting ensures our clients have complete peace of mind and actionable visibility into their financial well-being.