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CEO Trish Kennedy to Announce New England Patriots 4th Round Pick at 2013 NFL Draft

SportsMoney, LLC., a firm dedicated to protecting the financial futures of professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and PGA, announced today that it is on location at the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Since 1936, this annual event has served as the National Football League’s primary source for player recruitment.
Trish Kennedy, Founder and CEO of SportsMoney, will be announcing the New England Patriots 4th Round Draft Pick. “I am honored to participate in this year’s NFL Player Selection Meeting,” said Trish Kennedy, CEO of SportsMoney. “This event represents an important milestone in the lives of many elite athletes. The New England Patriots, along with all NFL teams, carefully select players in anticipation of great career success. We at SportsMoney provide players visibility and accountability to help them make better choices to ensure lifetime success. The SportsMoney confidential private Family Office serves as a safe and consistent gatekeeper pro athletes can rely on for mitigation of the complex risks they face everyday.”
With nearly 80% of NFL players facing serious financial stress within two years of ending their playing careers, SportsMoney is working with a number of NFL players and their agents to reverse this trend. SportsMoney recommends that all members of the 2013 NFL rookie class maintain complete visibility into their financial, legal, tax, and investment activities. Using advanced technology, the SportsMoney team works with sports agents and player families to ensure the player has a trusted impartial partner evaluating and demystifying all elements of creating sustainable lifetime income.
“I am excited to work with the 2013 NFL rookie class,” said Jermaine Wiggins, a former NFL tight end who leads SportsMoney in its NFL player relationships, “In my new role at SportsMoney, I look forward to working with the NFL, the rookies and their agents to deliver the outstanding lifetime outcomes these players and their families deserve.”