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Debunking NFL Player Stereotypes Perpetuated by What We Often See in the News

In the wake of the arrest of NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez, we thought it might be a great opportunity to examine some of the negative stereotypes the NFL is forced to constantly deal with. Here are some interesting facts we discovered the contradict what you might think based on the headlines:

  • Only 2% of NFL players are arrested each year versus a national average of 10% of males age 20-34.

  • 80% of players have college degrees, compared to 30% of the general population.

  • 64% of NFL retirees are still married to their first wife. NFL Players Association

Still the fact remains that 78% of NFL players are bankrupt or facing serious financial stress within two years of retiring versus a national average of 0.35% of the population who file for bankruptcy each year. Why is this? Well, this is why SportsMoney is here. Many players make good decisions just based on the wrong advice from uninformed or improperly educated advisors. That’s why SportsMoney exists.