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“The Sneak Factor™” Part 1

SportsMoney’s team of experts have met and spoken with many athletes who were faced with significant financial difficulties when their playing careers ended. We discovered a consistent theme in many of their lives that created the environment that led to their money running out. We call it “The Sneak Factor™”. What we found should not be surprising. The vast majority of professional athletes have the same symptoms.
By understanding “The Sneak Factor” symptoms we can quickly identify the athletes who face the biggest risks to their long-term financial health. We have developed a quick and easy questionnaire that will help any athlete determine their risk level. Once the athlete completes the questionnaire SportsMoney can identify his risk profile and guide him to simple straightforward solutions. Here is a simplified version you can try for yourself.
SportsMoney’s solutions ensure athletes have control and visibility to their financial lives and that each athlete and his family can make informed decisions throughout his entire career. He will know where he stands at all times and have the ability to determine a lifestyle not just for a few years, but for the rest of his life.