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Do You Really Need an Agent? Part 2

Sports agents are typically compensated by commission, although some will work for a flat-fee or a combination commission / flat-fee structure. The commission range for a sports agent is anywhere from 3% to 10% of a player’s gross negotiated salary. In most professional sports, the leagues and/or player associations require agents to obtain certification and …
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Do You Really Need an Agent? Part 1

According to the Baltimore Sun Matt Elam, the Ravens 2013 first-round NFL Draft pick, saved over $200k in commission fees by negotiating his five year $6.7M contract without an agent.  Elam reportedly relied solely on the advice of his older brother, former NFL safety Abram Elam, NFL Players Association officials and a …
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Big Money, Big Target: The IRS and Pro Athletes

We have all heard stories of professional athletes running into big problems with the IRS — Pete Rose, Lawrence Taylor, Chris Chelios, Anthony Mason, Jim Thorpe, Boris Becker, Floyd Mayweather, Marion Jones …  not to mention about the recent saga involving Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Evan Mathis. No professional athlete should be …
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Great Time at the Executive Combine Yesterday

We had a great time yesterday at the New England Patriots Executive Combine …  Check out this Patriots Today highlight video featuring Trish Kennedy, Amy Johnson, Jonathan Kelly and others from the SportsMoney team.

SportsMoney CEO Trish Kennedy Participates in the NFL Draft

Our CEO Trish Kennedy was on site at Radio City Music Hall in New York City today to announces the New England Patriots 4th Round selection Josh Boyce. Check out this clip of Trish live on ESPN making the announcement:     Best of luck for a great NFL career, Josh!

“The Sneak Factor™” Part 2

Last week we shared a consistent theme we found in many athletes’ which ultimately resulted in financial hardship. We call it “The Sneak Factor™”. This week we will share some examples to help you better understand the The Sneak Factor. Here are some thoughts on what it feels like when an athlete realizes too late …
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“The Sneak Factor™” Part 1

SportsMoney’s team of experts have met and spoken with many athletes who were faced with significant financial difficulties when their playing careers ended. We discovered a consistent theme in many of their lives that created the environment that led to their money running out. We call it “The Sneak Factor™”. What we found should not …
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